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Roshtek's Time Management Software is a best-of-breed time and attendance solution for SMEs from different industries.

Using our wealth of experience and smart use of the latest technologies, our company was able to develop an apt solution that is bursting with features that suit the needs of businesses belonging to the retail, wholesale, health care, mining and general trades sectors, as well as government agencies and other types of organisations around the world.

Say goodbye to manually fill out time-sheets and calculate entitlements, our time tracking software does it all for you to save you precious amounts of time tracking the attendance of your employees. Because every second counts, our system records all job times in detail.

Our time and attendance software works with a touch screen-based technology, giving you professional-looking user interface. Our touch screens use Pin Pad by default, but a long list of add-on options is at your disposal as well, such as RFID, barcode clocks or biometrics (fingerprints).

With Roshtek’s Attendance Software, all you need is either Ethernet cable or wireless connection. Our attendance manager gives you full control over lost time and productivity—a major factor that affects your company profitability. Whether you are the business owner, HR staff and payroll administrator, this solution definitely makes your life so much easier, as staying on track of employee time is now a breeze.


  • Makes your business more profitable by being in complete control of your productivity
  • Reduces costly payroll errors due to manually calculated employee hours and inaccurate time cards
  • Auto computes all payroll entitlements (leave days, sick days, training days, etc.)
  • Is highly scalable to suit the bigger needs should your company continue to grow
  • Generates reports that provide timely and accurate information
  • Significantly cuts down the time necessary to process employee time and attendance data

Product Comparison

Features PRO ENT
Capture Employee time – Start / End / Breaks
Capture Hours on Jobs
Logic for Weekend and Public holidays
Automatically calculate hours worked
Built in Award customisable Calculator
Unlimited Employees / Attendance Controllers
Integrate to Accounting / Job System
Powerful reports, with Exporting Features
Touch screen Attendance Controller
Optional add-on for Biometrics, RFiD or Barcoding
Connect To External Sirens for Daily Notifications
Allow Remote Users To Add Hours on Arrival
Receive system alerts
Includes Microsoft MSDE* Database
Supports multiple sites and locations
Included Back Office PC users 5 UNL


  • Eliminate Calculation and re-keying errors by automatically summarizing employee time sheets and hours for payroll
  • Allow HR Payroll staff to easily review Time sheets by Day, Week or entire pay period
  • Include Customisable Award Calculator and Track overtime, sick days, Roster Day Off
  • Capture and automatically process employee time, including arrival, breaks, lunch, and departure, Jobs, Annual Leave
  • Export to your current payroll systems, including MYOB, QuickBooks, Attaché, Pronto and Many More
  • Import Job list files for Employee to assign times against Jobs approved on the system
  • Allow remote operators to clock hours on return from jobs
  • Live operation no need to Import data from Attendance controllers
  • Multisite capabilities, no need for complicated and tedious USB stick data transfer
  • Interface to Multiple External Sirens for Start/End notification of Day, Breaks and Alarms
  • Access many powerful management & administrative reports
  • Roshtek Attendance Manager is Scalable to grow with your business and supports unlimited number of Attendance Controllers, unlimited number of employees, Multisite installations, Includes Microsoft SQL Express Database, and Automatic software Updates

Attendance Controller Features

  • Industrial Touch Screen PC, Fan Less, IP65, 50Deg C Operations
  • Default Pin Pad Logon
  • Optional Barcoding / RFiD or Biometrics Logon
  • Interface to Multiple External Siren for Start end Day and Breaks
  • Verification of Data entry in live operation, which prevents operators entering invalid data
  • Scrolling Company Message and Employee massages on logon for better communication with Staff
  • Allow Operator to request leave (No need for leave Request paper work)
  • Quickly Report who on site for emergencies
  • Highly Saleable - Unlimited Number of Employees and Attendance Controllers

Combo Packs Information

These ready to use kits include:

  • Roshtek Attendance Manager Software
  • Industrial IP66 50Deg C Touch PC
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free technical support for 90 Days

Roshtek Attendance Manager Pro Combo Pack with Touch Screen PIN Pad Only

This combo pack includes an Industrial Touch Screen Pc and Roshtek Attendance Manager Professional Edition. Roshtek Attendance Manager Pro Manager with Industrial Touch Screen PC.
Part Number: CMB-RAM-TS-01

Roshtek Attendance Manager Pro Combo Pack with Touch Screen Biometrics

This combo pack includes an Industrial Touch Screen PC with Built-in Finger Print Reader and Roshtek Attendance Manager Professional Edition. Roshtek Attendance Manager Pro Manager with Industrial Touch Screen PC and Finger Print Reader.
Part Number: CMB-RAM-TS-02

Roshtek Attendance Manager Ent Combo Pack with 2 X Touch Screen Biometrics

This combo pack includes two Industrial Touch Screen PCs with Built-in Finger Print Readers and Roshtek Attendance Manager Enterprise Edition. Roshtek Attendance Manager Ent with 2 Industrial Touch Screen PCs and Finger Print Readers.
Part Number: CMB-RAM-TS-03