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Regardless of the industry you belong to—be it mining, retail or general trades—providing estimates is the most basic, yet important part of your business. Apart from providing quotes to clients, using an innovative system is the key to deal with all the activities that require a precise estimate.

At Roshtek Software Solution, we take pride in offering the best quoting manager in the market. Our innovative solution will change the way you do business; it can significantly streamline your operations, help get rid of unnecessary resources for lower costs and boost your profits by preventing job loss due to wrong or uncompetitive quotes.

Fast, Accurate & Consistent Estimates

Roshtek’s Job Costing and Quoting Software delivers all the benefits you cannot find in traditional methods. Spreadsheets may provide you the digits you need, but they not a better number cruncher than our advanced system.

Our solution, by all means, computes for your needed estimate accurately in an extremely fast fashion. As all the procedures and values are set accordingly, you can produce the same figures consistently, time after time.

Cutting-Edge Features

Roshtek Software Solution is always at the forefront of innovation. We lead the way in terms of developing the set of the features you require to get all the functionality right at your fingertips.

Our technical excellence is at your disposal to receive expert assistance you need at any given time.

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