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Roshtek Software Solutions is a premier Perth company offering a huge array of business IT solutions to cover the unique needs of modern enterprises around the globe.

At Roshtek, we are proud to say that our Inventory Management Software System is the best of its kind in the market today. Our solution is packed with a remarkable set of features to help you overcome the challenges you are facing in managing your inventory every day. It is highly intuitive, scalable and reliable to cover all of your requirements, no matter how demanding they may be.

Roshtek’s Tool Tracking Software Barcode technology allows you to stay on top of your inventory levels at multiple locations easily. With our solution, we take the hassle out of the equation; allowing you to forget about the trouble of searching for your inventory levels, browsing for information or performing stocks—activities that often take too much of your time.

Our Inventory Tracking Software gives you detailed information, including multiple sell value, location, cost and serialisation, as well as the order of your suppliers based on reorder information, the department where your inventory is currently in and updated levels upon the arrival of goods. All these are part of our one-of-a-kind system.

Roshtek’s Inventory Manager stores all the key information you need to run your business smoothly. This includes the transaction history of your inventory, allowing you to know when and which person received the goods, issue the inventory to jobs and many other operations.

Our tool tracking software makes auditing absolutely no sweat on your part. As our system records everything properly, you can expect 100% accuracy of our data.

If your current process gives you nothing but problems, now is the time to change that and go for the better. Your business would not move forward if you keep on using spreadsheets, or even pen and paper, to manage a vital part of your operations.

Switch to Roshtek now, and enjoy the incomparable benefits our advanced solution offers.


  • Maximises your business’s revenue potential
  • Manage your inventory accurately
  • Enhances your purchasing efficiency
  • Makes you fully aware of your company inventory value and levels
  • Cuts down your expenses
  • Minimises the time you need for searching & managing your inventory
  • Reduces the amount of inventory you lose to a minimum
  • Decreases “Dead Stock” that is not moving
  • Lets you operate on a tighter budget with better control

Product Comparison

Features STD PRO ENT
Supports multiple sites and locations
Track by serial number, lot, date, and pallet
Audit inventory on a PC or a mobile device
Custom tracking fields
Transfer-in / Transfer -out inventory
Automatic notification of low stock levels
Powerful and user friendly data viewer
Full receiving functionality
Generate customized PO #'s / pick order #'s
Create purchase orders (print / e-mail)
Pick order request and tracking
Powerful reports, with Exporting Features
Receive system alerts
Assembly / disassembly
Includes Microsoft MSDE* Database
Included PC users 1 5 UNL


  • Track and manage inventory at multiple locations and sites
  • Transfer inventory from one site to another
  • Linked labelling software makes it easy to create, customize and print barcode and data labels
  • Attach labels to products, shelves, sites, locations or documents
  • Import existing inventory and suppliers using the Import Wizard
  • Navigate using Inventory Control’s user-friendly interface
  • View critical count levels, including total available, total checked out, and total in-house
  • Create a new item number by scanning, typing, or selecting a number from a drop-down list
  • Identify new items by any numbering system, including SKU,UPC, barcode, or serial number
  • Choose to allow RIM* to automatically generate a Stock number for new items
  • Professional reports are included to keep you on top of your business
  • Import/export information quickly to reduce data entry and external processing
  • Create your own barcode Stock tags/labels (Fully integrates bar code technology)
  • Stocktake your inventory on your PC or mobile device (Inventory reconciliation)
  • Secure your system with advanced feature-based security
  • Includes Microsoft SQL MSDE Database

Handheld Features

  • Goods Received (From Purchase Order)
  • Transfer-In/Out your Inventory with your handheld device
  • Move Inventory from one location to other locations
  • Consume inventory against Jobs
  • Log assets Maintenance
  • Stock takes inventory
  • Divide the work with multiple handheld devices
  • Roshtek Inventory Manager comes with one handheld device license
  • Additional handheld device licenses are available

Combo Packs Information

These ready to use kits include:

  • Roshtek Inventory Manager software
  • Datalogic Skorpio or Kyman handheld device
  • Communication and recharge cables
  • Pre-printed Water Proof Inventory tags
  • Free technical support

Roshtek Inventory Manager Combo Pack with Datalogic Skorpio Batch

This combo pack includes a lightweight Datalogic Skorpio WinCE 5 with full integration into Roshtek Asset Manage Basic Edition. This is a suitable solution for office and light duty environments.
Part Number: CMB-RIM-DL-SKORP-01

Roshtek Inventory Manager Combo Pack with Datalogic Kyman Batch

This combo pack includes a Rugged Datalogic Kyman WinCE 5 with full integration into Roshtek Asset Manager Basic Edition. This is a suitable solution for Heavy duty environments with Large Database size.
Part Number: CMB-RIM-DL-KYMAN-01

Roshtek Inventory Manager Combo Pack with 2 Datalogic Skorpio Batch

This combo pack includes two lightweight Datalogic Skorpio WinCE 5 with full integration into Roshtek Asset Manager Professional Edition. This is a suitable solution for office and light duty environments.
Part Number: CMB-RIM-DL-2SKORP-05